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Article 1. Purpose
k-dreamvision (k-dreamvision co.. hereafter referred to as "the Company") shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions on Mobile Applications and All Web-Provided Services (hereafter referred to as "Services") and shall disclose its use and determine other basic procedures.

Article 2. Definitions
The terms of service, student and teacher used in the Terms and Conditions are defined as follows.
1)“the Site” : the Internet Site offered under the domain http://kdreamjam.com and all subdomains thereof.
2) "Service" means all services provided by the company's mobile applications and website.
3) "Student" means a person trained by a teacher. In order to use the service and mobile applications operated by the company, the student must register an ID and password. Students enter into a contract with the company to use the service. The service is provided according to the terms of conditions.
4) "Teacher" means a freelancer who provides his/her ID and password to use the service provided by the company's website to deliver a Korean language lesson. Teachers enter into a contract with the company to use the service, which is provided under the terms of conditions.

Article 3. Application of terms and conditions.

  1. The terms and conditions shall apply to the procedures for the use of all services provided by the Company on the Net and other necessary matters.
  2. Matters relating to the use of services provided by the company are subject to the relevant laws.

Article 4. Service contents
The company provides its own teacher and student service, made by itself or others. Due to the circumstances, the schedule and method of service delivery may be subject to change or delay.

Article 5. Establishment of use agreements.

  1. By clicking the completed registration form, it is deemed to agree on terms and conditions.
  2. The desired individual to contract must complete the membership form of ID, password, name, phone number, etc. and be subject to the approval of the company.

Article 6. Application for use and acceptance.

  1. The company approves the application for use under Article 5 unless there are special circumstances.
  2. The company may restrict acceptance of the application if it falls under any of the following cases and may reserve until its full resolution.
    2-1. Inadequate capacity of service facilities.
    2-2. Technical error.
    2-3. It is believed to be required by other companies.
  3. The company may deprive the teacher and student of membership and prohibit rejoining when the following cases are noted:
    3-1. Not applied with his/her real name.
    3-2. Necessary information turns out to be false at the time of application.
    3-3. The purpose is to hinder social well-being, order or morality.
    3-4. Failure to meet the application guidelines set by other companies.
    3-5. Breach of terms and conditions by teacher and student.
    3-6. Breach of obligations by teachers and students.
    3-7. Not logged in for a long time.

Article 7. Suspension of service
The company may restrict or suspend all or part of the service provision in any of the following cases:

  1. Maintenance of service facilities.
  2. When the Telecommunication Business Law designates service operators to cease.
  3. Force majeure.
  4. National emergencies, power outages, disruption of facilities or excessive use of services.

Article 8. Provide details
The company may deliver its product, service use, daily notice and other various information to the teacher and student by email, post or other means. It can be unsubscribed if not desired.

Article 9. Rights of students

  1. Teachers and students are entitled to privacy protection.
  2. Students can search and apply for a suitable lesson.
  3. Any inappropriate services may be amended by request.

Article 10. Student duty

  1. When a request to change a teacher during a lesson is made, the reason must be presented to the teacher.
  2. When a change in personal details occurs, an immediate correction must be made.
  3. Tuition paid to a teacher without corporate involvement cannot be recommended to the teacher. Any unofficial payment offer must be reported to the company.

Article 11. Rights of teachers

  1. Teachers are entitled to privacy protection.
  2. The teacher may have his/her own profile registered on the web and be able to invite the student to a lesson.
  3. The teacher is entitled not to pay any other expenses other than the brokerage fee proposed by the company.

Article 12. Duty of teacher

  1. The teacher must be sincere and deliver the best lesson to the student.
  2. Without the student's consent, the class conditions in terms of the number of classes to be held, tuition and class time cannot be changed.
  3. An immediate correction should be made on the heels of a change in teacher detail.
  4. The teacher should only list facts on his/her profile.
  5. A third party cannot replace a teacher without prior consent.
  6. Teachers must not engage in any unofficial student tuition payments. If so, the tuition paid to the company's teacher must be returned.

Article 13. Rights of corporations

  1. The company requests the teacher to submit a certificate of enrollment or graduation and a copy of the ID (front and back) to deliver a quality lesson.
  2. The company may disqualify its teacher or student who failed to comply with Terms and Conditions or misbehave to one another.
  3. The company may request the teacher to return the total amount given to him/her if found engaged in personal tuition payment.

Article 14. Duty of the company

  1. The company shall conduct the service in accordance with its Terms and Conditions and related laws.
  2. The teacher's profile should be registered on the web in convenience for the student to view in class selection.
  3. The company cannot release or distribute the personal details of the teacher to a third party for other purposes; Except on official request of the government in accordance with relevant laws such as telecommunication regulations.
  4. If a student requests teacher identification, details shall be given.

Article 15. Tuition and other conditions.

  1. Other class conditions such as tuition, number of classes, and class subjects follow the conditions found when applying for classes.
  2. Students pay tuition to the company, which will be given to the teacher for delivering the lesson after deducting the brokerage fee as the company's profits.
  3. Direct exchange of tuition between teacher and student is an act of deprivation of membership. Any teacher involved in such misconduct shall reimburse the company for the tuition paid; whereas the reporter will be awarded compensation.
  4. The company is not responsible for accidents caused by personal transactions between teacher and student.
  5. The company shall not intervene in matters of discussion between teacher and student.

Article 16. Brokerage fee

  1. The teacher receives tuition from the company, except for a brokerage fee and income tax. The Company shall treat the brokerage fee as its own profit.
  2. Fees will be notified to the teacher through the company's service screen.
  3. The company's commission policy may change.

Article 17. Refund of charges

  1. Members can request a refund of tuition.
  2. In any of the following cases, the company must return the already paid tuition according to the return criteria in Attached Table 1.
    2-1. In case of overpayment
    2-2. If the learner is unable to continue his/her studies according to laws such as enlisting in the military to fulfill his military service obligations under the Military Service Act
    2-3. When the learner expresses his/her intention to give up learning
    2-4. When a learner does not start learning or is unable to continue his/her studies due to his/her illness, death, natural disaster, or other unavoidable reasons
  3. Matters related to contract termination and refund are subject to Article 4 (study fees) of the Regulations on the Operation of Evaluation Accredited Learning Courses (Presidential Decree No. 26591).
ddddd sdfsd sdfdsdfs
Reason for return When the reason for return occurs return amount
In case of Article 7, Paragraph 5, Item 1 the full amount overpaid
If it falls under the provisions of Article 7, Paragraph 5, 2 to 4 Until the day before the class start date Full tuition
Before 1/6 of the total class time has elapsed Amount equivalent to 5/6 of the tuition fee
During the period from 1/6 to less than 1/3 of the total class time Amount equivalent to two-thirds of tuition
During the period from 1/3 to less than 1/2 of the total class time Amount equivalent to 1/2 of the tuition fee
More than 1/2 of the total class time passed do not return

4. Details of refunds of the remaining tuition in the ongoing package class shall follow the guidelines set out in FAQ.

Article 18. Disclaimer

  1. The company shall not be responsible for any intentional manipulation or false information given by a teacher or student. The company is agreed to operate on the basis of the teacher and student's independent and voluntary intention.
  2. The company is not responsible for any problems or disputes arising from personal teacher/student tuition payments.
  3. Companies shall be exempt from liability for failure to provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure. For this reason, the company is not responsible for any leakage of customer information.
  4. The company shall not be liable to civil or criminal liability in case of any violation of the Constitution, laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea between its teacher and student.
  5. The company shall actively participate in resolving disputes between teacher and student. If necessary, legal action will be taken against the person who unilaterally violates the terms and conditions. The company will help the victim file a lawsuit.

Article 19. Inter-teacher and student exchanges

  1. The company doesn't edit or monitor the contents of communication such as e-mail, SMS with class application, and the teacher and student take responsibility for his/her communication contents.
  2. Teachers and students must not exchange contents such as pornography, disturbing contents, junk mail, spam, etc. to each other via the company's e-mail or SMS service.
  3. Any liability arising out of the violation of Clause 2 of this Article shall be directed to the teacher and student. In this case, personal details such as ID and PASSWORD may be provided to the investigating agency.

Article 20. Posts

  1. The company may delete the contents posted by its teacher or student if judged as follows without notice.
    1-1. Undermining reputation on another teacher, student or third party.
    1-2. Violations of public order and morality.
    1-3. Association with a criminal act.
    1-4. Infringement of copyright by a company, or a third party, etc.
    1-5. That's more than the period of publication by the company's guidelines.
    1-6. Violation of other related laws and detailed instructions from the Company.
  2. The company may determine a separate rule to implant on posting; therefore, the teacher and student shall register, delete or change posts in accordance with the guidelines.
  3. The company is entitled to full rights to add, modify and delete the posted contents. Any change on the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or add, modify, or delete the contents may occur without any notice to its teacher and student.
  4. Lecture and student cannot request additional posting for personal benefit.

Article 21. Links
The company may provide its teacher and student links to other companies' websites or materials. The company has no control over such sites and materials; therefore, there's no liability for any warranties of contents, commercials, products and materials.

Article 22. Privacy protection

  1. The provided personal details will only be used to process by the Company and will not be given to a third Party without consent, and the Company shall take full responsibility except in the following cases.
    1-1. For the purpose of delivering goods, the company will provide minimum details such as name, address, and number.
    1-2. For statistical, academic or market research purposes, details will be provided in a form in which each individual cannot be identified.
  2. In order to use the service provided by affiliated companies to the teacher and student, the company may share limited personal details such as name or address upon registration.
  3. A teacher or student has the right to request, at any time, to view and correct his/her personal details, and the company shall be obliged to take the necessary measures without delay.

Article 23. Effect and modification of terms and conditions.

  1. Unless otherwise specified, the contents of Terms and Conditions shall be effective by posting on the net service screen provided by the Company or otherwise notifying the subscriber.
  2. The company may change the Terms and Conditions if deemed necessary. In this case, the company shall take effect by posting the changes on the net screen.

Article 24. Miscellaneous
Any matter not specified in the terms and conditions shall be dealt with withinthe answers in the FAQ are followed andthe scope of social norms. The relevant laws shall take precedence over Terms and Conditions if they contradict each other.

Article 25. Competent courts and others.

  1. The legal dispute between the head office and the teacher or student shall be brought before the jurisdiction of the head office of the corporation.
  2. Details not described in the Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the detailed rules set by the Company (recorded in the FAQ, notice).
    If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact us. We always do our best to make you learn Korean with pleasure.

CEO : Kim Yeon-joo
Address: 12, Hanbit-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
Homepage: www.kdreamjam.com
e-mail : help@kdreamjam.com


k-dreamvision Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") strictly complies with established guidelines such as "Personal Information Protection ACT", "The Protection of Communication Secrets Act", "Telecommunication Business Act" and the "Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act".
The company explains how user-provided personal details are handled on what purpose and method, and actions taken for privacy protection, below.

1. Purpose of use
The company collects personal details for the following reasons:
- Fulfillment of contract, payment settlement by providing contents, purchase and payment, authentication, delivery of goods or billing, etc.
- Authentication for membership service, personal identification, prevention of illegal use by unauthorized user, intention to join, age verification, complaint handling, announcement, etc.
- Acquisition of new services, development and specialization of products, commercial message notices, promotion of their products and services in other business units, customized services with demographic characteristics, frequency of access or statistics on service use.
- Limited numbers allowed for registration, illegal access blocked by IP analysis, GPS-based service, record-keeping for adjustment, and calculation of other statistical data for members.

2. Required details
- Must submit: Name, gender, DOB, ID, password, email address, mobile phone number, details of legal representative if under 14, payment information, IP address, access log and history of service use.
- Optional: GPS information, contact number, photo, etc.
- Methods of collection: Web site registration, e-mail, fax, call or other forms, etc.
- The method of collecting personal details by the company can be rejected; This can lead to registration denial and restriction of membership service use.

3. Process and hold length
- Categories to hold: Same as processed.
- Reasons to hold: Terms and conditions, and privacy policy.
- Length of holding: Until membership is available.
In case the personal details required to be held in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations after the membership withdrawal, the company maintains for a certain period of time below.
- Record of indication and advertisement: six months (Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce, etc.).
- Record of contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce, etc.).
- Record of payment and supply of goods: five years (Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce, etc.).
- Record of dissatisfaction or consumer dispute: three years (Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce, etc.).
- Records on the collection, processing and use of credit information: three years (Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information).
- Confirmation of communications under the Communications Confidentiality Protection Act: 3 months.

4. Personal details are delivered to third parties
In principle, the information won't be transmitted to any party from outside, except as follows:
- If consented in advance.
- When requested by the official authorities, procedures and methods of investigation are followed.

5. Entrustment of personal information processing
① The company entrusts the following personal information processing tasks for smooth personal information processing.
<Payment service>
Consignee (trustee): Eximbay
Contents of consigned work: purchase and payment
Consignment period: membership withdrawal
② When the company concludes a consignment contract, in accordance with Article 26 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」, matters concerning responsibilities such as prohibition of processing of personal information other than the purpose of performing entrusted tasks, technical and administrative protection measures, restrictions on re-entrustment, management and supervision of the trustee, and compensation for damages is specified in documents such as contracts, and supervises whether the trustee handles personal information safely.
③ If the contents of the consignment work or the consignee is changed, we will disclose it through this personal information processing policy without delay.

6. Rights of users and their legal representatives and their exercise
The user has the right to view or amend his/her own information at any time and is able to request termination by writing a letter, phone call or email. If a request for error-fixing in personal information is made, the company will not use or provide until the correction is completed. The company may limit its correction if misuse is expected.

7. Destruction of personal details
If the holding period expires, the company will destroy any unnecessary ones such as the process of personal information, service shutdown and termination of business within five days. If required by the relevant laws and regulations, the information will be stored for a certain period of time and deleted immediately thereafter.

8. Installation and operation of an automatic collection device for personal details and its refusal
The company can operate 'cookies' which store and find information from users from time to time. A cookie has the meaning of a text file sent to the user's browser by the server and stored on a hard disk, which helps to run the service. The company uses cookies for the following purposes:
- Purpose of using cookies: To provide customized service and marketing via access frequency, visit time analysis, understanding user preference and tracing interest, participation in various events and number of visits. The installation takes place at his/her own discretion. By setting the options from the web browser, all cookies can be allowed and checked when saved or denied.
- Set to deny cookie:Cookie can be denied by selecting the option from the web browser to accept all, check at the time of saving or deny all.
* If you deny installing cookies, the service you provide can experience difficulties.

9. Privacy Protection Officer
For privacy protection and complaint processing of personal details, the Company appoints the following persons responsible for privacy protection.
- Privacy Protection Officer: Chang, Young Sun (help@kdreamjam.com)
The user may report complaints to the officer or his department regarding privacy protection when using the company's service. A prompt and satisfactory reply will be given in return.

10. Privacy handling office
For any violation of privacy protection or to report, contact the following offices.
- Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (www.1336.or.kr,phone 1336)
- Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr,phone + 822-580-0533~4)
- Advanced Crime Investigation Center (i-minwon.spo.go.kr, phone + 822-3480 ~ 2582)
- National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center (www.ctrc.go.kr,phone + 822-392-0330)
Unless stated explicitly in Privacy policy, our Terms and conditions will take precedence over within the scope related laws and regulations.
- Personal Information Processing Policy announcement date: September 01, 2017
- Personal information processing policy enforcement date: September 01, 2017
If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact us. We always do our best to make you learn Korean with pleasure.

CEO : Kim Yeon-joo
Address: 12, Hanbit-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
Homepage: www.kdreamjam.com
e-mail : help@kdreamjam.com
Personal information protection officer phone number: +8210-6215-9882

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