Do you want to make your favorite Korean food?
    You will learn vocabulary, types of Korean food, cooking methods, food culture and more by looking at photos and videos.
    How about making your own food after class?
    Tuition / 25 min: 9$ 50 min: 18$
    • Overview : Learn the types and characteristics of Korean food, cooking tools, food culture, cooking methods, etc.

    • Participant : A person who wants to know about Korean food culture and cooking

    • Next Course : K-Culture, Special Course, Free Talking

    • Textbooks     : Textbook prepared by teacher (free of charge), determined by teacher after consultation

    • Learning Period : No limitation

    • Class Content : The content may vary depending on the teacher’s lesson plan.

      - type and name of Korean foods

      - korean food culture

      - korean food for special occasions

      - vocabulary and expressions related to cooking tools and cooking methods

      - watch Korean cooking YouTube videos and learn the vocabulary, expression, and order of cooking