[Intermediate Korean]
    Do you want to speak Korean more naturally? In this course you will learn intermediate grammar and expressions.
    With this course life in Korea will be so convenient, that you will be able to hold a more complex daily conversation. Of course, you will be fluent in conversations with Korean friends.
    Tuition / 25 min: 8$ 50 min: 16$
    • Overview: Learning intermediate vocabulary (approximately 1600), grammar, and expressions. Communication necessary to real life conversations in Korea through various practical activities.

    • Participant : who has completed Korean Beginner’s level. who wants to learn intermediate grammar and expressions to communicate in the real life like a Korean.

    • Next Course : K-Culture, Special Course, Free Talking

    • Textbooks     : Cyber Korean Course – Sejong Beginner 1, 2 (free for charge), determined by teacher after consultation

    • Learning Period : Depends on level of the student -(recommended period) 25min×400회~500회, 50min×200회~250회

    • Class Content : The content may vary depending on the teacher’s lesson plan.

      - introduction, invite to join and request

      - finding lost items, preparing for travel and packing

      - introduce a person you admire, talk about a dream.

      - sell used items, exchange clothes, book accommodation, use carrier service, bank service experience

      - self-development method, internet provider evaluation

      - movie reviews, counseling, relationships and manners

      - introduce tourist attractions, specialties, hometown

      - advice for employment, interviews, and successful career