Are you preparing for the TOPIK?
    Take systematic and differentiated classes led by professional teachers. You can learn strategies and secrets to solve problems with vocabulary, listening, and reading problems. If you take a strategic approach and practice, you can get a good grade.
    Tuition / 25 min: 9$ 50 min: 18$
    • Overview: Preparation class for TOPIK test for foreigners who do not speak Korean as their native language

    • Participant :

      - Anyone who has studied Korean to a certain level (more than Level 2)

      - Anyone who wishes to study in domestic Universities, work in a domestic and the overseas

      - Korean companies and public institutions.

      - Anyone who is attending a foreign school or who needs a Korean proficiency test score

    • Textbooks : Textbook prepared by teacher (free of charge), determined by teacher after consultation

    • Learning Period :Depends on level of the student - In general, Level 1 to 6, each level: 25min × 100hours~, 50min×50hours~

    • Class Content : The content may vary depending on the teacher’s lesson plan

      - Level 1: self-introduction, buy things, order food, about 800 basic vocabulary and basic grammar

      - Level 2: language classification and use in functions, formal and informal situations necessary for the use of public facilities

      - Level 3: expressing paragraphs of familiar social materials, distinguish and using literary and spoken language

      - Level 4: understanding the contents of news, articles, and language used in public facilities

      - Level 5: understanding and using unfamiliar materials across politics, economy, society and culture

      - Level 6: using of Korean language like native speakers