Are you preparing EPS TOPIK in order to get a job in Korea?
    You will learn various expressions and terms used in everyday life and work environment in Korea. Solve problems related to traffic signs, industrial safety signs, job advertisement and how to operate the machines.
    Tuition / 25 min: 8$ 50 min: 16$
    • Overview :The EPS-TOPIK preparation class required for foreign workers to obtain a Korean working visa.

    • Participant : Foreign workers who want to work legally in Korea

    • Next Course : Beginners Korean 1, 2, Intermediate Korean

    • Textbooks     : Textbook prepared by teacher (free of charge), determined by teacher after consultation

    • Learning Period : Depends on level of the student

    • Class Content : The content may vary depending on the teacher’s lesson plan

      - learn basic communication skills needed for daily life in Korea

      - Korean language required at the industrial field.

      - Understanding Korean Corporate Culture