[Korean Teacher Training Course]
    This course is operated as a Group Class only. Please apply in Group Class.
    Do you want to work around the world as a Korean teacher?
    Do you speak Korean well, but don't know how to teach effectively?
    In this course you will learn practical teaching methods that can effectively help you teach vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture.
    • Overview :

      - This class is only operated as a customized Group Class.

      - Upon completion of this course a certificate of completion will be issued.

      - Supervised by a Korean language education expert with a master’s or doctoral degree

    • Participant :

      - Koreans or foreigners who want to work in various countries as a Korean Teacher

      - Anyone who wants to operate Korean Language Education Center.

      - Anyone who wants to learn effective Korean Language teaching

      - Foreigners with TOPIK Level 4th or higher

    • Next Course : Textbooks written by experts

    • Textbooks     : Textbook prepared by teacher (free of charge), determined by teacher after consultation

    • Learning Period : 50min× 60hours or more

    • Class Content : Focus on the required subjects for Korean language teaching activities (Korean language studies, Korean language education as a foreign language, to operate Korean language institutions, and training practice)

      - learn basic communication skills needed for daily life in Korea

      - teaching method that combines theory and practice for using in the field

      - preparation and simulation classes required for practical use